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Here at Foresight, we understand that every individual has a unique set of nutritional needs. We have tailored a personalised approach based on advanced nutritional testing, a full written health report and analysis by our trained practitioners, a personalised supplement programme, and nutritional support from our head office practitioners. Whether your goal is to improve your fertility and seek help getting pregnant, offer a child the very best start in life, or optimise your health, we have a programme to suit you and your family through each of life’s stages.

Hair Mineral Analysis

Foresight analyse specific mineral levels and toxic metal load using hair mineral analysis.

The laboratory test results provided by Biolab, give invaluable information which enables our qualified practitioners to provide personalised nutritional supplementation programmes to support our client’s to optimize mineral levels.   Both low levels of certain minerals and high levels of toxic metals may be impacting your health and fertility status.

The Hair Mineral analysis test provides a reading of the minerals deposited in the cells and interstitial spaces of the hair over a 2-3 month period.

Hair testing provides a long-term reading, while blood tests and urine tests provide a more instantaneous reading of the body. Both types of readings have value. For example, blood tests can vary from minute to minute, depending upon one’s diet, activities, the time of day and many other factors. This is beneficial in some instances, but is often less helpful when seeking an overall metabolic reading.

Mineral levels are kept relatively constant in the blood, even when pathology is present. This is a vital function because blood touches all the body tissues, and too much variation is dangerous. This is the reason many people have normal blood tests – even when they are quite ill.

Hair minerals do not circulate, and pose no threat to the body. Values often vary by a factor of ten or much more, making measurement easier and providing trained practitioners with a tremendous amount of accurate knowledge about the cells and the soft tissue of our bodies.

Toxic metals are easier to detect in the hair than in the blood. The body quickly removes toxic metals from the blood, if it can. For this reason, most toxic metals are not found in high concentrations in the blood, except right after an acute exposure. In contrast, many toxic metals accumulate in the soft tissues such as the hair because the body tries to move them to locations where they will do less damage.

Other advantages to using hair mineral analysis are that collection is straight forward, can be done at home, is painless and can be posted easily. Hair is a fairly rapidly growing tissue. This enables one to obtain a recent biochemical picture of soft tissue metabolism. As an aside, hair is extremely useful for testing many things besides minerals. These include drugs, toxic chemicals and DNA. Hair is frequently used in forensic medicine, and in drug testing clinics. It is also used worldwide for biological monitoring of many animal species for toxic metals.

The cost of our hair mineral analysis service is £96.00 for an individual or £185 for a couple payable via the website shop.  Download our HMA info sheet for guidance notes on how to take a hair sample and other ways to pay.

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