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Adult Health

To maintain and optimise good health in both the male and the female, the human body requires a daily intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from food. Many people are short of essential nutrients and sub-optimal intake of essential nutrients is linked to many of the prevailing degenerative diseases of our generation. It is possible to test for and identify sub-optimal levels of nutrients, for example, low levels of the mineral magnesium. Magnesium alone is necessary for over 300 essential metabolic reactions so it’s important to address any established insufficiencies.

Our Nutritional status is dependent on 5 things:

  • Our food choices
  • Food growing, processing and preparation methods
  • The nutrient content of the food we eat
  • The ability of our bodies to assimilate these nutrients
  • Lifestyle factors such as smoking or alcohol intake, as well an illness or disease which give rise to extra nutrient needs

Many of us are exposed to chemicals, environmental pollution and cigarette smoke. Hair mineral analysis testing allows us to analyse the quantities of heavy metal build up within the body and provide a programme to support the elimination of these anti-nutrients via the liver, kidneys and GI tract. Your health questionnaire or hair mineral analysis results may indicate an imbalance in one or more of these systems in which case you may like to consider working with a nutritional therapist or targeted complimentary testing.

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