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Ways Foresight
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Whether your aim is to get pregnant or improve your overall health – we are here to help

We are here to support you to increase your chances of getting pregnant. In 1978, Foresight originally set out to help ensure new born babies were given the very best start in life. Preconceptual care means that both parents take good care of themselves by optimising their health before they attempt to conceive. This will help both parents improve fertility, by producing the best quality sperm and ovum, and reduce risk factors for miscarriage as the health of both the male and female can influence the outcome of a pregnancy.

Research: Pregnancy and the Foresight Approach to Preconceptual Care

In the early 1990’s Foresight worked closely with Dr (now Professor) Neil Ward at the University of Surrey to research the efficacy of Foresight Approach to Preconceptual Care. In his letter to the Editors of The Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine Professor Neil Ward wrote:

“Written and telephone follow-ups carried out in 1993 revealed that 327 (89%) of women had become pregnant and 327 children had been born since enrollment. There were no multiple pregnancies. In remarkable contrast to the couples’ previous experience, all their babies (137 males and 190 females) were born healthy and were well developed at birth which occurred from 36 to 41 weeks (mean 38.5 weeks). Average birth weight was 3265g (2368 – 4145). None were malformed and none were transferred to special baby care units. Among 204 couples with infertility problems, 175 (86%) had achieved healthy pregnancies.” (The Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (1995) 5, pages 205-208)

Belinda Barnes, Foresight Founder

Belinda ‘Nim’ Barnes, Foresight Founder

The success achieved in this study, where 89.9% of couples became pregnant using Foresight’s approach to preconceptual care,continues to be widely quoted today in journals, current training programmes for nutritional therapists interested in supporting clients with fertility, papers exploring preconception health care, and many websites from around the world. The full research can be found in a book written by Foresight’s Founder Belinda (fondly known as ‘Nim’) Barnes, ‘How to Conceive Healthy Babies the Natural Way’ (2014).

The vision of Nim Barnes’s Foresight has inspired countless couples to increase their chances of having a baby through optimising their health using Foresight’s Approach to preconceptual Care. Nim’s innovative work continues to inspire hundreds of therapists and health practitioners to promote preconceptual care to their clients.

What is the Foresight Approach to optimising health?

To optimise health we all need to maintain the right balance of minerals in our bodies. Firstly, we assess your mineral status through a Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA) test which provides us with a good guide to your body’s mineral status. The results give us an idea of whether you are deficient in key minerals, such as zinc, selenium and magnesium, and will also highlight whether there are any elevated toxic metals or elements potentially affecting your health.

Our advice is tailored to each individual and is built around laboratory testing, along with your completed health questionnaire (either the Preconceptual Health Questionnaire or Health Questionnaire). The health questionnaire highlights your personal health and fertility history and any past or present symptoms, as well as lifestyle and dietary choices. From this combined information, our practitioners will provide you with a full and thorough written Hair Mineral Analysis report.

Recommendations will include:

  • An individualised nutritional supplement programme, which covers a period of 3-4 months
  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations
  • Information and advice factsheets relevant your individual needs
  • Support from our head office practitioners to discuss your unique programme

After following the programme for 4 months we recommend a re-test so that we can review your progress and provide an updated plan.

For more information about our products and services, please take a look in our online shop.

Health benefits for the whole family

We are proud of the lifelong relationship we have developed with our clients. After over 35 years’ experience, our approach has proved to be so successful for many of our clients they continue to take our nutritional supplements throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Our clients tell us they notice positive changes in their general health and they want to continue to maintain this once their children are born. As their ‘Foresight babies’ grow many parents return for a general health check for themselves as well as their children and have their hair tested with us to ensure their family maintains good health. This means we provide support to the now adult ‘Foresight babies’, born in the 1980’s, supporting them to prepare for the conception of their own children.

We provide support to adults and children with a range of health issues, alongside our preconceptual care programme.

Please do feel free to contact us if you have any questions – we are here to support you.

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